Let's simplify and tell a visual story about your product

One picture worth a million words and one engaging motion video can grab the attention of millions. Tell your story about the product in a visual way using motion video storytelling

motion storytelling

Why use narrative and tell visual stories about products

Credibility:  people want to know clear facts about a product. If they immediately understand how your solution can solve their problems, they will seek to discover more about the product and will build a relationship with your brand.

Meaning: visual story simplifies and concentrates information so the mind could quickly process and retain core messages. We’ll turn the monotonous and extensive product information into a meaningful and engaging experience that will stand out from the competition communication.

Emotion: motion video adds empathy and humanity to the brand by touching the viewer’s emotional side.

right script for a video

Creative script

The script is written with a specific goal in mind and targeted to the right audience.

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right video formats for assets to use

Right message

Use the proper video across different social networks to get the best results. We'll help you by adapting (highlighting the key messages) our final motion video for up to two social networks for FREE.

right marketing

Right marketing

Get more awareness by launching a paid campaign on YouTube, Facebook and/or Instagram. We'll set up a video campaign targeting the right online audience.

How we'll produce your motion video

1. Discovery

We need to understand the product, the brand and the pain points of audience. The emotion will be created around the solution. As output there will be a synopsis of the future video with a few reference videos.

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2. Script writing

After validating synopsis, we'll put all pieces together and write a detailed scenario with a storyboard (or animatic for large projects) and record a voice over if needed.

3. Creative development

In order to keep the style consistent with client's brand, we'll develop style prototypes of how the future video will look like.

4. Production

After the script and the visual style are checked with a client and all the prep work is done, the heavy work begins. Motion designers will be working on animation.

Why choosing FrameHounds

creative viideo community

Original ideias

The culture among the team which rewards new ways of expression

efficient teammates

Digital DNA

Connecting the art concepts to the brand and adapting for the modern

challenging everything

Affordable prices

When art meets efficiency, the quality can be affordable

We know your pain in motion design production

Startups & Small businesses

  • it's hard to find reliable freelancers
  • the video project management is stressful
  • misplaced stages deadlines

Large enterprise

  • no free designers for video tasks
  • slow production rhythms
  • lack of needed skills to meet the video goal
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project manager for promo app video
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Frequently asked questions

Every project our studio produce is exclusive. The cost of motion video bets on style and animation complexity, hence it’s hard to establish prices before knowing the project. Send us a briefing or schedule a 30min conference call.
Following briefing and synopsis, we’ll provide a complete list of all the acts with prices and delivery estimation.

You’ll get a state of the art motion video with superb sound design, adapted for each of your digital channels. Entirely produced by a highly skilled creative team that will be working synergetically with your marketing or communication department.

Up to 2 revisions are included in the motion video price.

We deliver Full HD motion videos (1920x1080p at 25fps). Normally it’s enough to use on common platforms (like sharing on YouTube or Facebook) or embed directly to your website.
If you need for some reason 4K or 8K resolution, we can deliver with no additional costs. Simply put this note in your briefing.

It’s not the software that matters the most, but how you use it 😉
We use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects and Premier Pro for most common tasks and Cinema 4D/Blender❤️ for 3D animation.

Let’s start your story.