Animation Creative Process

There are eight simple steps we follow to mold the raw idea into an outstanding animation video and get the job done efficiently. This breakdown will walk you through our creative process and reveal what deliverables to expect during each stage.

1. Creative Brief

Because we want to make sure we produce the best possible video content, the first step in the creative process is for you to fill in a Creative Brief. The goal of this brief is to gather as much information about your company as possible.

Tell us about your project
creative brief for motion video
creative video script

2. Script

We’ll learn everything about your business before we tell your story to the world. It’s what allows us to write an incredible script that will contrast your product apart from the competition.

Our goal is to make sure the idea and story behind the video are relevant to the needs of your customers. That’s how we will achieve success. We develop up to three different concept ideas and discuss them with the client. The idea that works best is finalized and turned into a detailed script.

3. Voice over

Voice over is an essential part of any storytelling video. Our library consists of native speakers who help us bring the right emotions from the script to life.

By working with English, German, Chinese, Spanish, Russian voice artists, we have limitless possibilities to offer!

storyboard and styleframes

4. Storyboard

The next step is the storyboard, which is the visual representation of your future video using sketches. The storyboard will help us visualize the script and review the main scenes.

5. Design

Is where style frames come in to help us establish a stylistic approach and give you an idea of what to expect from the final video. Once the style frames are approved, we move onto the illustration design of the whole scenario: all characters and the surrounding environment.

video design
animation and illustration

6. Animation

The animation is perhaps the most inspiring part of the process. It’s where the magic happens as we transform lifeless images into motion. With the use of computer animation, we can do pretty much anything: from 2D liquid motion to complex 3D particles and elements. Check out our creative GIFs.

7. Sound design 

At this stage, we ensure the right sound of the visual elements and the proper background music. The intention is to create an atmosphere that will involve the audience.

sound design for video
final motion video

8. Final product delivery

The video is ready to rock on your digital platform. What’s next? We can help with a video marketing strategy to ignite this content among your audience.

Let’s start your story.