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Why mobile app explainer video matters

The video makes complicated things easy to understand. People can see your app in action, visualize UI, and see how it suits their needs.

72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service through a video. (HubSpot, 2019)

8 out of 10 people who downloaded a paid app for smartphone, saw a promo video first. (Wyzowl, 2019)

right script for a video

Right script

Writing the script which addresses the pain points of the specific target audience makes a message stand out.

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right video formats for assets to use

Right assets to use

Adapting a final video for up to two social networks with no costs gives limitless possibilities to use assets.

right marketing

Right marketing

We can also help with a video promotion among the right audience using behavioral targeting tools.

How it works

1. Discovery/Brief

We'll use your app for better understanding of what’s important to highlight. The output will be a synopsis of the future video with
a few reference videos.

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2. Script writing

After validating the synopsis with a client, we'll put all pieces together, by writing a final scenario through a storyboard and record a voice over if needed.

3. Visual validation

In order to keep the style consistent with client's brand, we'll develop prototypes of how the future video will look like.

4. Animation

After the scenario and visual style are checked with a client and all the prep work is done, the magic begins. Motion designers will bring the script into a life 🔮.

We know your pain in video production

Startup apps

  • it's hard to find reliable motion designers
  • freelancer management is stressful
  • misplaced stages deadlines

Enterprise apps

  • internal team production cycles are long
  • unavailable designers for fast tasks
  • unpredictable final result
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project manager for promo app video

What makes FrameHounds different from 95% of video production companies

efficient teammates

Efficient teammates

Fanatics of Stephen Covey and David Allen

creative viideo community

Creative community

Constantly sharing the knowledge with other professionals

t shaped skills video professionals

T-Shaped skills profiles

Always learning from other industry influencers

challenging everything

Challenging everything

Constantly searching for a new ways to grow

video promo app starup client

Frequently asked questions

After having the pre-production validated and all the assets received , we take normally up to 7 days to produce an app video
Anyhow, all the timings and conditions are specified in the agreement, therefore the customer is legally protected from missed deadlines as well.

We believe that customers need to visualize an idea before they make any commitment. This way we ensure the overall alignment between our teams and guarantee flawless project management.

The price for the app video depends on certain criterias, such as the amount of animation needed, video style or sound design complexity. Each video we produce is tailor-made, so are the prices.
After receiving a briefing and creating a synopsis for the future app video, we’ll provide a detailed list of all the work that will be done within the project with prices. Clarity means transparency.

Up to 2 revisions are included in the app video price.

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